The urban homestead.

The urban homstead resides just outside of Stockholm. This is where we started out, its here we have our roots. This home runs in my family. When my father moved to the US i bought the house from him.

Its in this area we have our jobs and where our kids go to school. I work with IT in an MSP company and all my spare time goes to the homesteading, outdoor life and the journy to a more sustainable way of life.

The homestead is not big but do the most of the land. We have a greenhouse and a fenced garden. We really need the fences to keep out the deer, elk, hares and other animals.

We are also going to build a workshop in 2019 where I can spend the dark months of the year crafting. There will be videos about this on YouTube.

Last year we also put up a 14 kWh solar system on our roofs. This is producing about 80% of our electricity but in the winter months we dont get so much power.

Its also here that I got my editing studio.